Permanent Makeup Courses

Train in our digital machine method for added flexibility in treatment styles, areas and results.

Permanent Eyebrow Course by K.B Pro

Using our award-winning Nouveau Contour IQ or SMART Machine, learn digital tattooing to create hyper-realistic hair stroke brows.

What is Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing?

Permanent eyebrow tattooing is the practice of using a digital machine to implant specially formulated pigments into the skin to create a long lasting effect. Incredibly versatile, this method of permanent makeup can create super realistic hair strokes, as well as a stronger powdered type look.

Permanent Eyebrow Course Details

£1,895 + VAT for training only

40 hours at home study

4 half-day hosted webinar sessions

1-day practical academy training

1-day academy based assessment

Suitable for beginners

Extra value product kits and machines available

Training with K.B Pro was a big step, but by far the best one I’ve made in my career! The training is fantastic and support throughout has been invaluable. Thank you K.B Pro for the amazing training... I'm looking forward to continuing my journey in PMU with you!

Amy Southern

Permanent Eyebrow Course Content

Anatomy of the Skin

Learn all about the skin, and how to implant pigment it effectively

Design & Artistry

An introduction to brow mapping to design the perfect brows for each client

Health & Safety

Comprehensive information and clarity on how to protect your client, and yourself

Client Consultation & Aftercare

How to perform a thorough consultation to manage needs and expectations

Colour Theory & Pigment Retention

Use the K.B Pro Pigment range to create bespoke shades and learn about pigment implantation

Tools of the Trade

How to get the best out of your tools

How much can I make doing permanent eyebrow tattoing?

The brow market is estimated to be worth over £20 million annually. Use our handy earnings calculator to work out how much you could earn through taking advantage of the demand.

Treatments Per Week

1 4 12

Cost Per Treatment

295 350 395

Takings per treatment*


Weekly takings**


Annual takings***

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*Based on average figures. Income not guaranteed. The figures provided are inclusive of VAT and indicate takings only, not profit. **Based on a 4 week month. ***Based on 48 working weeks.

Permanent Eyes & Lips Makeup By K.B Pro

If you’re already trained in digital permanent makeup for brows, take the next step and add eyes and lip treatments to your menu. Using specialist pigments, we use our digital tattooing machine to implant perfectly matched shades into the optimum layer of the skin for long lasting results. For eyes, we’ll teach you to create a subtle lash enhancement to create definition, or a stronger look that doesn’t wash off. And for lips – we can work magic by adding depth and contours to create definition, or even out faded colour to create perfect symmetry.

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Eyes & Lips PMU Course Details

£1,495 + VAT for training only

20 hours at home study

2 academy days

1 day assessment

Suitable for those trained in digital brows

Extra value product kits available

Training team are super helpful and friendly! I’m impressed by the knowledge and how K.B Pro teaches you more than just how to do a treatment but all the logistics behind each thing you do. It really sets you up for going solo. I would highly recommend!

Chloe O'Reilly

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is the practice of tattooing specially formulated pigments into the skin to create long-lasting effects for the brows, eyes and lips. The pigment is implanted using a digital machine to ensure the pigment is placed at the optimum layer of the skin to look beautifully natural.

Types of Permanent Makeup

Permanent Eyeliner

Using a variety of techniques, from a strong liner to a subtle lash enhancement, our permanent eyeliner techniques provide your clients with long-lasting results – so they no longer need to battle with liquid liner. Using our digital machine, we implant a specially formulated pigment to enhance their look, for longer.

Permanent Lip Liner & Lipstick

Whether your client is looking for a more defined lip line that’s disappearing with age, or simply wants a colour boost to add more colour to their pout – we teach a number of techniques to safely and comfortably achieve a long lasting effect.

Permanent Full Face Makeup By K.B Pro

Not trained in brows? Take our Full Face course and learn all disciplines – brows, eyes and lips – right from the start gives you even more creative control and revenue opportunities – all in one package.

Full Face PMU Course Details

£3,390 + VAT for training only

60 hours at home study

3 practical academy days

2 academy assessment days

Suitable for beginners

Extra value product kits and machines available

The team behind the training always go the extra mile to help and made me feel 100% confident as soon as I started doing models. K.B Pro is not only a name you know, but a name you can trust.

Natasha Escobar

Permanent Full Face Makeup Course Content

Anatomy of the Skin

A thorough overview of anatomy and physiology of all areas you’ll be tattooing

Structure, Design & Artistry

How to create structure, shape and texture

Health & Safety

Comprehensive information and clarity on how to protect your client, and yourself

Client Consultation & Aftercare

How to ensure your customer is happy with the treatment outcomes, plus how to ensure their style will be long lasting

Colour Theory & Pigment Retention

Learn how to mix shades, how deep to implant the pigment, and how to ensure it lasts

Tools of the Trade

How to get the best out of your tools

Advanced skills upgrade

Add-on training for those who wish to enhance their learning, or need more support.

Affordable Payment Options with Klarna

The cost of permanent makeup training can be significant all in one go. So we offer flexible and affordable payment options – whatever your circumstances.

Where are the Permanent Eyebrow and Makeup Training Courses Held?

K.B Pro Permanent Eyebrow and Makeup training is available in our 3 academies – South Elmsall in West Yorkshire, Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, and Purley in London.

Permanent Eyebrow and Makeup Training FAQs

Pre Covid-19 we advised it takes around 8-12 weeks to become qualified and confident in delivering brow tattoo treatments, however this does depend per student.

No – we provide all models for you on academy training days, however you will have to provide your own model on the assessment day.

You don’t need any previous beauty, brow or PMU qualifications to join the K.B Pro Foundation Courses – everyone is welcome!

You don’t need to buy our Nouveau Contour IQ or SMART Machine to attend our training, however you will use it throughout training. Therefore we do recommend it as most students feel most comfortable offering treatments with the machine and tools they learnt with.

You can create very similar looks with both microblading and machine method, though using a PMU machine provides more flexibility – allowing you to deliver more treatment areas (brows, lips and eyes) as you progress through your journey.

Yes! We offer an Eye & Lip Permanent Makeup Course if you are already trained in brows – either with us, or another provider.

We have a selection of affordable payment plans with trusted partners. Depending on which route you wish to take, we can advise you on the options right for you.

With the ever-changing timelines for social distancing measures, we are unable to confirm dates for in-class training and assessment at this time. However, we are following UK Government advice closely and as soon as this changes we will be in touch to book you in, as a priority.

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