Permanent Makeup Treatments by highly skilled K.B Pro Students.

Are you looking for permanent makeup treatments for a fraction of the price?   Become a model at one of our training academies in Yorkshire, Milton Keynes or London and save over £200 on a treatment!

What does being a model involve?

When you come into the training academy of your choice, you’ll get a warm welcome from the friendly team. You’ll have a full consultation on the day to make sure the treatment performed is the right one for you. Models are needed so that trainees can complete their final assessments and all students are supervised by our elite trainers ensuring your safety at all times. The students are highly-experienced, going through intensive training courses, so you can feel safe you’re in the hands of experts.


A technique that uses the finest hair strokes to create a hyper-realistic look. Each stroke follows the natural length and direction of the brows.

microblading before and after
permanent makeup before and after


Never pencil in your eyebrows again and save time on your morning routine. Choose bold and defined or natural hair stokes to give you the perfect brows every day.


Whether it’s a subtle lash enhancement or a latino flick for a dramatic look, an eyeliner treatment will give your eyes definition without the need for makeup.

permanent eyeliner before and after
permanent lips before and after


A lip blush can give the illusion of full lips and provide definition and shape. Never worry about your lipstick smudging again!