Permanent Makeup Training - Train in Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Lips

Permanent Makeup Training

Digital permanent makeup for brows, eyes and lips

Prices starting from just £1,895+vat

Digital Permanent Makeup Training

Permanent Makeup is the most modern interpretation of the ancient art of tattooing. In Permanent Makeup, you use a digital machine to implant pigments into the eyebrows, eyeliner and lips, offering a wide range of treatments to your clients. The demand for permanent makeup artists has increased phenomenally as the natural, albeit perfectly groomed, appearance has become the must-have beauty trend.

Popular options include:

3-days training in brows only


5-days training in full face


Our £1,895+vat brow training course uses our proven 5-step training model:

  1. Pre-Study: Start your training the moment you book with our in-depth pre-study course.
  2. 3-day intensive training: Learn the theory, master the tools, we will then provide you with models on which to perform the treatments.
  3. Case studies: Perfect the skills learnt in training. Full mentoring support provided.
  4. 1-day assessment: Perform a brow treatment on a model under the supportive eye of an elite trainer.
  5. Ongoing customer support- Microblading is quick to learn but can take time to master. We will be there each step of the way.


Our full-face training course also follows our 5-step training model, however with 5 intensive academy days, and 1 day assessment.

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eyebrow tattooing course


“The hair stroke brow method taught at K.B Pro is simply amazing. They teach it in a really structured way, yet the results look really natural. I couldn’t believe how far my skills enhanced in such a short period of time.”

– Student Testimonial


“It was fun to get loads of insider knowledge about permanent makeup. I had been worried about the theory, but it was presented really well with lots of videos, so I actually enjoyed it!”

– Student Testimonial 

eyeliner tattooing course
lips tattooing course


“I thought PMU lips were all about imitating lippy, but the K.B Pro realism treatment is a treatment suitable for any client – particularly those who are aging and experiencing loss of lip colour and definition. I can think of a whole host of my clients who will benefit from this.”

– Student Testimonial 

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tattooing machine

Permanent Makeup Machine

There are many permanent makeup machines on the market, but while they may look similar on the surface, they are definitely not all built the same. Here’s just some of the reasons why we train with the iQ machine:

tattooing machine
Safe design

Safe design

Designated “Safe by design” by Consulting The Health and Safety Executive


Professional construction withstands the workload of a busy artist.
speciality design

Speciality design

Designed specifically for permanent makeup and medical tattooing.
auto adjust


Auto-adjusts the needle frequency to suit the tolerance of the skin.
no cross-contamination

No cross-contamination

Sterile packaged safety-needle cartridges to prevent cross-contamination.
precise needle control

Precise needle control

Precision needle control for fast, smooth and even pigment implantation.
better results

Better results

Better healing and longer-lasting results.
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