Microblading vs Permanent Makeup - Train in permanent makeup brought to you by K.B Pro

With K.B Pro, you can train in permanent makeup with a digital machine, or microblading with manual hand tool.

Both methods have their similarities and differences, pros and cons



  • Manual tool used to skilfully create fine hair strokes and some makeup looks in the brows only.
  • Lowest level of upfront investment, more affordable to become an artist.
  • Breakeven from first 16 treatments*.
  • Graduate with a IQ Level 4 Organisation Certificate in Hair Stroke Eyebrows (Hand Tool Method).
  • Minimal size and weight, ideal for mobile artists.
  • Easier to maintain high hygiene standards with disposable hand tool.
  • Depth control is one of the major initial learning challenges with microblading and requires exceptional skill levels to master.


  • Electronic hand piece used to enhance or create a wide choice of brow styles including hair strokes.
  • Flexible needle configurations can also be used to enhance the eyes (with eyeliners), lips and medical tattooing (like areola construction). Greater revenue potential.
  • Initial outlay includes digital device so upfront investment is higher than microblading. Lower treatment costs thereafter.
  • Breakeven from first 28 treatments*.
  • Choose to graduate with a IQ Level 4 Organisation Certificate in Hair Stroke Eyebrows (Machine Method) or IQ Level 4 Organisation Certificate in Facial Permanent Cosmetics (Machine Method)*.
  • Compact, lightweight equipment is portable, although not as lightweight as microblading.
  • High safety levels and less wastage with reusable hand piece.
  • Depth control is easy. The machine automatically adjusts its penetration pressure, plus it is possible to feel the gentle vibrations in the skin whilst working.
  • Results can last longer.

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To use both methods!

By combining the fine strokes of the hand tool with the variety of stroke options and needles available with the digital machine, Karen has more options open to her than if she had only one method or the other.

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