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Microblading training

Master the art of beautifully realistic eyebrows that everyone is asking for.

Microblading is a long-lasting eyebrow-tattooing treatment, in which you create individual brow hairs, by hand, using a microblade made up of tiny needles. These create channels, implanting specialist, permanent makeup pigments into the dermal (2nd) layer of the skin to make the very finest of ‘hair’ strokes. Each stroke follows the natural length and direction of the eyebrows.

Our microblading training course will give you the confidence to create natural-looking eyebrows that bring lifelong clients. The structure of the training course means you will find it easier to take what you have learned in your home pre-study sessions and put it straight into practice when you join us for your practical work at the academy. There are no short cuts to acquiring that level of expertise, which is why our comprehensive microblading training involves weeks, not days, of carefully devised tuition. Before you even begin your first hair stroke, you need to be able to create an appropriate brow design for your client’s facial structure, one that brings out the best in their natural features. This is an art form in itself and one that we will help you master through our extensive microblading training course.

Advanced Realism


Create the most realistic, natural-looking brows using finest hair strokes.
advanced realism brows
fusion eyebrows



Add soft powdered colour to your realism strokes to create a permanent combination brow.




Create light and shade with graded colour for a soft powdered effect permanent eyebrow look.
ombre eyebrows
sculpture eyebrows



Create highly defined permanent eyebrows mixing strokes with powerful shade to sculpt and shape.

The K.B Pro Glider

This hand tool was specifically created for microblading, the ergonomic Glider has your comfort and your clients’ safety in mind. Karen worked with world-leading engineers and product designers to create this unique tool before it was rigorously tested and tweaked to perfection.

more control

More control

Lightweight ergonomic handle gives you more control.
choice of needles

Choice of needles

Realise your artistic abilities with a choice of needles.
refined hair strokes

Refined hair strokes

Refine your hair strokes using the finest configurations.
easy needles switch

Easy needles switch

Switch between your favourite needles easily.
no cross contamination

No cross contamination

Disposable components ensure no cross-contamination.

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