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If you want to become a successful permanent makeup artist, we are confident that today, no other permanent cosmetics company in the UK offers such comprehensive and supportive training. It is not possible to master the art of permanent makeup or microblading in a two day workshop, It takes serious commitment from you and your training provider.

Whether you aspire to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable permanent makeup artist offering a wide choice of eyebrows, eyeliner and lip treatments, or you want to specialise in becoming a master of brows, our flexible, modular training can cater to your goals. Many of our students have had no formal beauty-related training at all. They often find us while on a journey of self-discovery. They are looking for a new career with high levels of job satisfaction. They also want a more creative role, one in which there is always something new to learn. And, of course, they are looking for a vocation that offers all this alongside an excellent income.


Hear from last year’s artists who took part in the CPCP exam

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