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IntroducingThe Glider Range

Bespoke handles for you.
Customisable needles for your clients.

Empowering artists to build their bespoke microblading tools to enhance their desired results. Innovatively designed by esteemed artist, Karen Betts, the three unique, lightweight microblading Glider hand tools have been designed to work with our complimenting line of interchangeable, safe, stainless-steel needles. Build your unique tool now.

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Step OneChoose Your K.B Pro Handle

With 3 handle variations, simply choose which handle suits you, your style and your artistry.

K.B Pro Glider One

Ergonomically designedDeveloped to mimic the shape & movements used with a permanent makeup digital hand tool, the Glider ONE handle is ideal for PMU artists looking to transfer their skills to microblading, for easy adaptability between both disciplines.

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K.B Pro Glider Art

For fluidity & creativityThe K.B Pro Glider ART concave shape allows for movement delivered through the fingertips - for more creative & unstructured strokes.

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K.B Pro Glider TEC

For accuracy & precisionThe K.B Pro Glider TEC slim, convex handle is ideal for those artists who like to create movements through their wrists - delivering uniform, structured results.

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Step TwoChoose Your K.B Pro Needles

Create a multitude of styles without limitations. See our selection of K.B Pro needles below, then view our K.B Glider Guide to discover the perfect configurations and combinations for a variety of styles, skin types and results.

K.B ProClassic Needles

With a diameter of 0.25mm, use to mimic thick & coarse hair types with optimum pigment implantation. A great all-rounder and perfect for beginners, its ideal for creating body hair strokes.

K.B ProMicro Needles

With a 0.20mm diameter, they are the perfect all-rounder blades designed to create medium thickness hair strokes. The perfect needle range for adding precise and crisp detail.

K.B ProNano Ultra Fine Needles

For your finest strokes yet! With a diameter of 0.16mm - 0.18mm, create ultra-fine, high-definition strokes, ideal for a very soft natural effect. Ideal for adding texture to compliment thicker strokes for added depth.

K.B ProShader Needles

With a diameter of 0.35mm in a tightly packed cluster configuration, you can achieve optimum, long-lasting soft ombre/powdered brows.