Microblading has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years and is now the must-have brow treatment, but it’s not just a quick trend that is going to pass us by. Contrary to popular belief, the microblading technique has been around for hundreds of years and is a form of permanent makeup that is loved by clients of all ages. So, if you’re thinking of training in microblading, here’s 7 reasons why this treatment isn’t going anywhere.


1. Microblading is a household name

Although not a new treatment, the term microblading is now a household name and not just a treatment for those beauty addicts who are ‘in the know’. It’s now something that clients will ask for by name and is searched for on the internet over xxx times every month.


2. The results speak for themselves

What makes the procedure so popular is the amazing results that can be achieved. With perfect colour matching and hair-like stokes creating the brow shape, it’s the low maintenance eyebrow treatment that clients love. Many permanent makeup artists will say that it’s the look on the clients face when they’ve had the treatment that makes it all worthwhile.


3. It’s the most natural look yet

The biggest reason we can’t see microblading declining in popularity is the fact that it’s so natural. It’s not trend-led because it doesn’t rely on the latest fashion or makeup looks but instead the treatment is tailored to each individual client. Skin tone and bone structure dictate the perfect treatment so every brow you create will be unique and will never go out of style.


4. So many people can benefit from a microblading treatment

The variety of clients that you can appeal to with microblading is large and varied. From the mature client who has very sparse eyebrows, to the lady who has over plucked their brows in the 90’s this treatment works for almost everyone.


5. There’s more recognition for permanent makeup for medical conditions

Sometimes brows can mean much more to people than just vanity alone. It’s now recognised as a way to restore eyebrows for clients who have experienced hair loss through medical conditions such as alopecia or cancer. Being able to give the gift of confidence by creating a new set of eyebrows for someone is priceless.


6. Brows are big business

Brows now make up around 80% of all requested permanent makeup treatments so it’s easy to see why they’re big business. Eyebrows frame the face and lots of people pencil them in every day so why not give them a more long-term solution?


7. It’s a maintenance treatment

Microblading is classed as a permanent cosmetics treatment because microscopic pigment particles will always remain in the skin. However, it is a low maintenance treatment rather than a no maintenance treatment which means a colour boost required roughly every 12 months. This means clients will be returning to you time and time again for their annual appointments.

If you want any more information about starting a career in microblading, please get in touch with the K.B Pro team here.